We thought this section would be a great opportunity to showcase some of our success stories. As a supplier and retailer, we don't often get to see what people do with our products. It always comes as a pleasant surprise when customers send in a little letter and a picture showing how our products have helped in their landscaping or yard decorating projects. If you have a K&B success story to share with us, we'd love to hear from you!

Charles Garnier 5 September, 2004

Pink Pigs

You see the ad and deciding to go, 
You watch for pink pigs by the side of the road,
Seems silly, but like all else in this day,
There is a reason why pigs lead the way.

They establish a link to the days long ago,
When a living was earned as a farm, although,
The only reminder that now remains,
Are the two pink pigs at the start of the lane.

What are not lost are the values you'll see,
A hard working family, honest as can be,
Ken, Brenda, and son Cory will return you this day,
To when a word was your bond and integrity the way.

So browse among the ornaments and stones that they sell,
For each in its place can have a story to tell,
And when you find those that have a statement to make,
They'll offer their welcome as friends pass through your gate.

Dedicated to the "K&B" Famliy: Ken, Brenda, and Cory for helping us with our dreams